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Top Spots for Arlington Spring Blooms from the Neighborhood Experts

Arlington is uniquely beautiful in the spring when an incredible array of flowers begin to bloom. We turned to our neighborhood experts to point out some of the best (and most unexpected) places for you to view blossoms galore.


  • Barton Park - This 3-acre park is a beautiful and contemplative area that overlooks Rocky Run Park and the Barton Street Community Garden.
  • Don Tito - A three-story restaurant with rooftop dining, Don Tito offers some unexpected and spectacular views of the blooms all along Wilson Boulevard.

Courtesy of the Clarendon Alliance

Barton Park

Lee Highway

  • With its rich history, dynamic artwork, and blooming flowers, Winnie Owens-Hart Park in Hall’s Hill is the perfect spot to be this spring to learn about Arlington County’s past while welcoming in a bright future.

Courtesy of the Lee Highway Alliance

Winnie Owens-Hart Park


  • Gateway Park - The site of the Rosslyn Jazz Festival and other events throughout the year, Gateway Park features a gorgeous cherry tree on one side and an ornamental garden and crape myrtle trees on the other.
  • Cupid's Garden - Sited on a triangular traffic island, this 4-ton sculpture consists of 23 polished stainless steel arrows surrounded by beautiful flowers. The nearby parklet offers a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the view.

Courtesy of the Rosslyn Business Improvement District

Rosslyn Parklet with Views of Cupid's Garden

Author: StayArlington