Escape Rooms & Team Building Adventures in Arlington

The clock starts ticking. The deadline is approaching. Can your group solve the puzzle that challenges everyone’s wits, decision-making and team spirit? Give your group a brain teaser with these escape rooms and adventures.

In Arlington, Virginia, interactive games create thrill-seeking fun in specially designed rooms where attendees bond as a team – while also saving the galaxy. From traditional escape rooms like Escape Room Arlington to 5 Wits’ high-tech immersive experience with amusement-park style animatronics, Arlington is the place for your next team building adventure!

Groups employ logic, cooperation, strategy and problem solving in the adventure games, making them a popular choice for corporate team building and for breaking the ice. Choose from these cool concepts in Arlington:

5 Wits Arlington VA
5 Wits

5 Wits

At 5 Wits in Ballston Quarter, “it’s not an escape room, it’s an adventure,” said Operations Manager Dawn Charbonneau. Feeling like you have entered an elaborately decorated theme park, you will discover clues, play games and solve puzzles while traveling through physical environments in a live-action story with your team in the lead role. 5 Wits features three differently themed rooms:

  • Drago’s Castle is a medieval fantasy
  • Espionage is a spy story
  • Tomb is an Indiana Jones-like adventure

The adventures, which each take about 30 minutes, may include total darkness, optional crawling, loud noises, flashing lights, theatric smoke and special effects. The interactive entertainment games feature puzzles and challenges, but the ending of each storyline changes depending on group decisions during the adventure. A narrator provides clues.

“We build relationships here,” Charbonneau said. “It’s just fun, and everybody gets to participate in it. There’s something for everyone to solve and show their talent.”

5 Wits can accommodate groups as large as a few hundred people. The venue has four party rooms with tables and chairs for groups ranging from 25 to 70.

Escape Room Arlington

At Escape Room Arlington in the Columbia Pike neighborhood, four unique escape room experiences pack in “wow” and “aha” moments that lead to a valuable, shared experience of joy for meeting attendees, said Bobby Steele, general manager.

Escape Room Arlington
Escape Room Arlington

Guests are on their own to find clues that range from musical snippets to puzzles and pictures, while proceedings are observed in a control room in case assistance is needed. The rooms include “Grandma’s House” with a hidden attic; “The Riddler Room,” where the walls talk; and a horror-movie themed room based on “The Silence of the Lambs.” Many corporate meeting groups give their leaders the challenge of escaping from “Glitch,” a room that resembles a white-padded cell, Steele said.

Escape Rooms DC
Escape Room Arlington

After the problem solving, there’s plenty of space in the lobby to laugh and talk about the puzzle, take team photos and enjoy catering from neighborhood restaurant William Jeffrey’s Tavern.

Escape Room Arlington can accommodate groups of up to 50 people, with each game room holding up to 12 players.

Bonds Escape Room
Bond's Escape Room

Bond’s Escape Room

Scheduled to open in May 2019, Bond’s Escape Room is located on Market Common Clarendon’s upper level and offers six game rooms. Business coaches with training in organizational psychology guide groups through the experience and provide after-action assessments, said Egor Bond, owner.

Steve Chiama, business coach at Bond’s, said escape rooms help to surface “who are the leaders in the group, the real leaders, the people who stop and think and insert themselves in the success of the mission – and see who are the people who just go along for the ride.”

Chiama advises meeting groups to identify areas in which the team needs growth and to name goals before arriving. Meeting planners can encourage attendees to “Step up. Take a chance… and have fun. It’s a game,” Chiama said.

The escape rooms include cartoon and medieval themes, as well as scarier concepts like “Death by Chocolate” and “Slaughterhouse Sleepover.” Teams can compete with each other for the quickest solves.

Bond’s will accommodate groups of up to 78 people, with about 50 people playing in the various game rooms simultaneously.

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Author: Kathleen Murphy