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5 Wits

  • Metro: Ballston

Travel through a series of real, physical environments, taking part in a live-action story while you encounter challenges, games and puzzles. Your successes and failures change the course of the plot, and each adventure has multiple endings. Puzzles adjust their difficulty to match the group playing them. Elusive secrets are meant to be uncovered by repeat visitors.

5 Wits has been creating interactive and highly immersive real-life adventures since 2004. Picture a theme-park attraction but hands-on: you are part of the experience! The Arlington location has 15,000 square feet featuring three adventures: Tomb, Espionage and Drago's Castle.

Each adventure takes 30 minutes to complete on average, and designed for teams of up to 12. Children 12 and younger must be accompanied by a ticketed adult, and the attraction is not recommended for young children.