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Meeting Trends in Arlington

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, staying aware of industry standards and helping to set attendee expectations is crucial. From hotel staffing to hybrid meetings, Arlington has seen a variety of evolving trends in recent times. Here are some important themes to note when booking your next Arlington meeting.

Hotel Staffing

Hospitality was one of the industries affected most by the pandemic, and while it has seen a steady recovery worldwide, challenges in hiring and retaining hotel staff are still prevalent. While Arlington hotels continue their commitment and dedication to excellent service, the pandemic recovery in some cases results in staffing shortages that may have minor impacts on different aspects of service. Although these are unlikely, it is important for meeting planners and attendees to keep this in mind and incorporate it as a factor when planning their meetings or events. 

Guests checking into hotel with masks on in Arlington VA

The Future of Hybrid Meetings

Although hybrid meetings have been an excellent tool for transitioning back to in-person meetings, there’s no denying that in-person meetings lead to better attendee engagement. While hybrid meeting technology has come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic, facilitating attendee participation and event attendance remains a challenge. While meeting planners are ready to get back to in-person meetings, there’s also a need to stay flexible in case of unforeseen circumstances and hybrid meetings are still a great tool for that.

Student Groups are Back

With the decline in COVID cases and the return to in-person classes, student groups hitting the road. Unlike previous years, student groups are now traveling on a year-round basis with field trips happening all throughout the year. With hundreds of historic sites, cultural attractions, and enriching experiences Arlington and the capital region are an ideal place for student groups to explore. Bringing a student group to Arlington? Check out these trip planning tips for and enjoy your adventure!

Student group touring Arlington National Cemetery

Group Dining Options Are a Must

Accommodating meals for a group can present a challenge for both meeting planners and attendees. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant to host your group, or need to grab meals on the go, being familiar with the local dining scene is crucial when planning your meeting or event. Arlington has a wide variety of group dining options, perfect for groups of all sizes, as well as a list of restaurants offering catering and boxed meals

group dining in Arlington, VA

Taking Advantage of Local Resources

Finding the perfect destination for a group can be a daunting task,and using local resources such as a destination marketing organization (DMO) can make a big difference when it comes to planning. The Arlington Convention and Visitors Service (ACVS) has various helpful tools to make planning your next Arlington meeting or event a breeze. With everything from distributing RFPs to hotels, to site inspections, welcome bags and a custom event web page, ACVS has you covered.

If you have any questions about these trends or are ready to start planning your next Arlington meeting, reach out to ACVS Sales Director Portia Conerly here.

Author: Paola Fernandez