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Nerd Alert! Your Guide to Trivia Nights in Arlington, Virginia

If you’re a Jeopardy super fan, a fun-fact fiend or just like being the smartest one in the room, try one of Arlington’s trivia hot spots and test your knowledge of pop culture, current events and other random topics.

Come together for friendly competition with other trivia buffs over a pint of beer, a light mental challenge and guaranteed outbursts of raucous laughter. Several Arlington bars host regular trivia nights. You might even win a gift card for bar food or a small cash prize at the games, most of which are free to play.

Weekly gatherings across Arlington neighborhoods will test your knowledge of sports, movies, music, politics and other random categories. Sporadic events feature themed nights about pop culture favorites like Harry Potter or TV’s “The Office” and “Friends.” Extremely smart and diverse local competitors make “a perfect trivia storm,” giving visitors a chance to get a real benchmark for how they rate, said Nick Groves, CEO of District Trivia, which runs trivia games at 13 Arlington locations.

“The quality of contestants is high,” Groves said, whose trivia games are focused on entertainment so players can relax, leave the rest of the world at the door and enjoy things for a little while. District Trivia’s general knowledge games are meant to be accessible to all, and include five rounds with 11 questions of increasing difficulty. Their typical contest includes picture, puzzle, music and fill-in-the-blank questions, and can lead to a prize of at least $25 worth of food from the bar.

Traveling alone? Solo players can join the fun and win it all. Sometimes visitors will even get adopted by local teams for the night’s competition. Pro tip: Arrive early to ensure you get a chance to take part in this popular activity, because seating is at a premium.

Where to Play Trivia in Arlington

Find trivia nights Sunday through Thursday in several Arlington neighborhoods:




Columbia Pike

Crystal City

Pentagon City



three men enjoy drinks, snacks, and playing trivia at Trivia Night at Quinn's courtesy Scott Sharpnack
Trivia Night at Quinn's, photo courtesy of Scott Sharpnack

Test Your Trivia Skills

Ready right now for a trivial pursuit? Scott Sharpnack, an Arlington County middle school teacher who hosts Pour House Trivia at Quinn’s on the Corner, offers these brainteasers for a warm-up:

  • Which city is home to 13 percent of its respective continent’s population, the highest percentage of any city on earth?
  • Portrayed in as Oscar-winning performance in a 2011 film, what world leader passed away on April 8, 2013, at the age of 87?
  • George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama each had two. Teddy Roosevelt had about 50. Donald Trump is the first president in over a century not to have any. What are we talking about?

Answers: Sydney, Australia; Margaret Thatcher; Pets

Fun’s always on the menu in Arlington. See what other events are happening during your visit.

[Photo courtesy @higherlogic_llc via Instagram.]

Author: Kathleen Murphy