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Rosslyn Business Improvement District

  • Metro: Rosslyn

The Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) is a designated 17-block mixed-use, urban center in the heart of Rosslyn. Funded by a special tax paid by property owners within the BID boundaries, the Rosslyn BID provides services to enhance, grow and maintain the neighborhood through a public/private partnership with Arlington County.

The Rosslyn BID provides high-quality, customer-oriented services designed to define, enhance and continually improve Rosslyn for those who work, live, visit and do business here.

As a resourceful and collaborative organization, the BID works in partnership with key stakeholders and Arlington County to create a welcoming, creative, thriving environment that supports Rosslyn’s residents and a wide range of business types, from innovative start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies and international associations. The BID takes an active leadership role in all that they do, serving as a collaborator, community builder and agent of positive change.

Rosslyn Business Improvement District Map