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National Chamber Ensemble

The National Chamber Ensemble was founded in 2007 to provide opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the art of chamber music, bringing together performers, audiences, and composers. Through its performances and commissions of original musical works, NCE presents a full range of chamber music repertoire from the classics to the contemporary. Its internationally-acclaimed musicians provide outstanding performances of chamber music in an intimate setting. The Ensemble has presented several world premieres and hosted international guest artists, and has collaborated with Smithsonian Institution, Phillips Collection, the Kennedy Center, the embassies of Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Argentina, Austria and Mexico as well as with local arts organizations: Ballet Nova, Choralis, Russian Chamber Art Society, and Bowen McCauley Dance. NCE strives to build a sense of closeness between performers and audience that enhances the feeling of community and a deeper musical experience.

National Chamber Ensemble Map
  • P.O. Box 41449
  • Arlington, VA 22204