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Café Sazón

Café Sazón specializes in South and Central American food and baked goods. Enjoy delicious international and American food in a comfortable and relaxed setting in Arlington’s Columbia Pike neighborhood. Order and pay at the counter.

The cafe offers omelettes, freshly-baked pastries, fajitas, soups, salads and daily specials. Sip coffee, tea, cappuccino and Latin American sodas. Free wifi, frequent live music and a 70-seat basement event area add to Café Sazón's appeal.

Sazon means “seasoning” in Spanish, and the cafe's food is made to order. There's also breakfast all day, such as Huevos Rancheros. Later try cheese empanadas, bean and cheese pupusas with a cabbage side or chicken fajitas, which are popular menu items. Just don't forget tres leches cake for dessert.

They also serve alcoholic beverages and a variety of fresh smoothies. Everything goes great with a cup of moconchi, a tea-like drink consisting of stewed peaches (imported from the Andes) and spices. It’s made fresh.

You’ll find all the basics of regular cafés, standards like coffee, pastries, and soups but at Café Sazón, which is frequented by locals and is somewhat off the beaten path, the selection of Bolivian and other South and Latin American favorites make this a culinary experience that’s worth a special route.

Café Sazón Map