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Eat. Drink. Love. Along Langston Boulevard

Langston Boulevard - formerly known as Lee Highway - is home to a vibrant community full of different cultures and cuisines. French, Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian, American…you name it, we have it! The Langston Boulevard corridor strives to celebrate all those who step foot in our community, whether they come from near or far, and we are excited to help travelers do the same. If you’re looking for an exciting and dynamic place to explore new cultures and cuisines, then look no further than Langston Boulevard.


If you’re searching for an authentic and romantic French experience, then look no further than Cafe Colline. With the goal of bringing French cuisine and elevated dining to Langston Boulevard, the Cafe’s owners (prolific local restauranteurs Ian and Eric Hilton) have made sure to provide each customer with a memorable meal.

A unique dining experience, Sake, and a handcrafted cocktail menu are just a few of the things one can expect when visiting Yume Sushi. The restaurant features a traditional Japanese restaurant practice in which diners allow their chefs to exert complete creative freedom, ensuring no two visits will be the same.

The Italian Store is the perfect choice for a midday lunch break. With freshly made sandwiches and packaged food straight from Italy, you’ll want to stock up on delicious and fresh kitchen staples while your food is prepared.

Expand your palate while enjoying the freshest produce you’ve ever had when visiting Fresh Impact Farms. Fresh Impact Farms is Arlington’s and Langston Boulevard’s premiere hydroponic farm, having recently received a grant from Governor Northam to help expand the business. Visitors can watch their produce be grown and harvested right in front of them before purchasing their preferred items.

A family-owned restaurant, Maya Bistro, is the place to try out some Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine. This upscale-casual Bistro celebrates the rich diversity of their culture with a blend of classic and contemporary menu offerings.

Sloppy Mama’s BBQ is a Langston Boulevard favorite - with mouthwatering sandwiches, smoked meat, and more, Sloppy Mama’s is a must on your to-visit list.

Hankering for some Lebanese cuisine? Look no further than Lebanese Taverna. The decades-old, local restaurant was opened by a Lebanese immigrant family aiming to create a space where old and new friends could gather while exploring new cuisine.


Kick back and relax after a long day of exploring with the margarita Arlington Magazine dubbed the best drink in Arlington County in 2021. With a flavor so good, you’ll want to pick up some of Taqueria el Poblano’s margarita mix on your way out the door.

Cowboy Cafe, known not just for their wide beer selection and juicy burgers but their large, beautiful mural, is a Langston Boulevard favorite. With their new outdoor space, delicious food, TVs to watch games, and a memorable atmosphere, Cowboy Cafe is a must for visitors and locals alike.

Arrowine & Cheese is the perfect option when looking to spice up a picnic or a casual night in. They pride themselves in offering affordable, hand-selected, and new-to-you labels that can be partnered with the store’s wide-ranging selection of the best cheeses and charcuterie available, from domestic and international producers alike. 


Langston Boulevard’s La Cote d’Or is the perfect place for a romantic night out. Acclaimed chef Jacques Imperato creates mouthwatering French cuisine that will have guests coming back over and over.

Author: Langston Boulevard Alliance