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Filming in Arlington

Welcome to Arlington, Virginia! We're glad you are considering filming here, and will do our best to make it an easy, streamlined process.

There is no fee to film on County property, but we do ask that you complete this simple online application so we can coordinate with the right Arlington County departments to ensure your shoot is a positive experience. Read on for more details and to get started.

Application to Film in Arlington, Virginia

All production companies filming in Arlington are required to submit a film application along with relevant insurance documents. Please complete all sections of this form. If a section does not apply to your project, indicate this by entering N/A (not applicable) in the appropriate space. Your application should be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to your first filming date. If you have questions while completing this application, call Monica Cannon at (703) 228-0874 or contact her via e-mail.

  • Insurance Requirements
  • Contact Information
  • Film Project
  • Additional Information through the Special Events process
    • Parking, Closure or Reservation of Meters
    • Requesting Traffic Control, Security or Other County Personnel
    • Pyrotechnics, Simulated Gunfire or Other Explosives

Insurance Requirements

The authorized representative and company assumes all risks in the use of Arlington County property in the permitted operation and shall be solely responsible and answerable in damages for all accidents and injuries to persons or property and covenants and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Arlington County, Virginia, USA, its officers and employees from any and all claims, suits, losses, damages, and injuries to persons or property caused in whole or in part by the applicant, its agents and/or employees or by the motion picture and/or TV activity.

All film and video projects require an original signed Certificate of Insurance in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 per instance of a claim for general liability and must name the Arlington County Board as " additional insured" before your application can be approved.

Please have your insurance company take the following steps to add the Arlington County Board as an additional insured on your standard CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE:

  • In the box toward the bottom of the form entitled "Description of Operations. . . .", please ask your insurance agent to add the following text: "The Certificate Holder is named as an additional insured."

  • In the box below that, entitled "Certificate Holder," please have them add: Arlington County Board, 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201.

If you have a Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with Arlington County, please enter your Certificate of Liability Insurance expiration date:

Certificate of Liability Insurance expiration date [MM/DD/YYYY]:
If not, please e-mail your Certificate of Liability Insurance to


Contact Information

The authorized representative and company shall have on-site a reasonable representative empowered with authority over the entire filming operation and all participants involved, and shall remain in the assigned production area unless permission to relocate the production has been approved by the Arlington County Film Office. All planned activities and actions of the crew, principals, and vehicles must be outlined in-depth in this application and shall be strictly adhered to unless otherwise approved by the Arlington County Film Office.

First Name*:
Last Name*:
E-mail Address*:
Organization Name:
Street Address:
Postal Code*:
Project Name/Type/Description:*
Filming Location(s):*
Filming Start Date [MM/DD/YYYY]:*
Filming End Date [MM/DD/YYYY]:*
Alternative Dates:
Estimated Total Expenditures within Arlington County:
Number of People in Cast and Crew:*
Total Number of Hotel Room Nights Spent in Arlington:
Value of Other Expenditures in Arlington:

Additional Information

Please provide a detailed description of your shoot and special requests as they relate to the following areas:

Parking, Closure or Reservation of Meters - Transportation Right of Way Permit
For parking, the closure or reservation of any meter will require a Transportation Right of Way Permit. The permit request form can be found on the Arlington County web site. Upon completion, please fax the Right of Way Permit request to (703) 228-3719. If questions, call (703)228-3629.

Describe Parking Requirements
Include number of spaces, date(s), time(s):


Requesting Traffic Control, Security or Other Arlington County Personnel
When your project involves shooting at an exterior location and requires traffic control, re-routing, or a scene with firearms or uniformed police, you must have the Special Operations Division of the Arlington County Police Department on location. The Arlington County Film Office will coordinate with you and our police contact to ensure you have the appropriate staff and security on site.

Describe Traffic/Security Requirements:

Requesting Use of County Parks or Facilities

County Parks/Facilities Needed:
Include time of day, name and address of facility or park requested, and specific details for shoot.


Pyrotechnics, Simulated Gunfire or Explosives
Additional permits may be needed for pyrotechnics, simulated gunfire or explosives. Contact the Fire Marshall's office at (703) 228-4644 or Fax (703) 228-4655.

If the final production has credits in the body of the work, location credit shall be given to "Arlington, Virginia."

After submitting the form, you will be sent an email confirmation of your request. If you do not receive it or need immediate assistance, please contact the Arlington Convention and Visitors Service Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at (800) 296-7996.