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Fort C.F. Smith

This beautiful 19-acre site includes a Visitors Center, lush tree canopy, an open meadow, the lovely Hendry House and preserved earthworks of the Civil War fort built in 1863, and many other outstanding features.

The earthwork ruins at this park are the best preserved ruins of the 22 forts that were located in Arlington during the Civil War. The ruins include the bomb proof, the fort well, the North magazine, and 11 of the 22 gun emplacements.

The Civil War Visitor Center features displays about Union soldiers and the Defenses of Washington between 1861 and 1865. Artifacts from archaeological studies from Forts Ethan Allen and C.F. Smith are on display. Kids can try on replica Civil War uniforms and learn about camp life. Open 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays beginning Saturday, April 7.

There is a 1/2 mile of trails on this 19 acre site. The trails are of a variety of surfaces including asphalt, mulch, concrete and gravel. Enjoy a stroll on the grounds while observing wildlife, open space and historic features as outlined on interpretive signage throughout the grounds.

Among the wide variety of tree species on this site there are several unique varieties originally planted by Dr. Hendry including Japanese Raisin Tree, Ginko, Bottle-Brush Buckeye, English Walnut and Royal Paulownia. There are native hardwood forest trees and an abundant assortment of plants and flowers.

Fort C.F. Smith Map