The National Chamber Ensemble: Music with a Personal Touch

Described as “delightful” by The Washington Post, this Arlington group’s internationally acclaimed musicians engage their audiences in an intimate setting.

Classical Enjoyment Beyond WETA

The highly popular radio station WETA broadcasts classical music to the greater Arlington area. Here's an opportunity to enjoy favorites from the genre in the exciting context of a live concert courtesy of the National Chamber Ensemble, offering classical aficionados multiple performances to attend during their current season.

World-class musicians present diverse chamber compositions with exceptional delivery and technique. Performances cover the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and contemporary periods.

What sets apart the National Chamber Ensemble, besides beautiful music, is that artists and audience connect in an intimate setting. Artistic Director Leonid Sushansky and musicians share tales about the music and composers. You’re right with them, every step of the way, in a manner that you usually aren’t in a large classical music performance.

“It’s like listening to a friend, because you really get to know who’s playing for you,” Sushansky said, and that friendship and laid-back atmosphere deepen the audience’s enjoyment.

According to Sushansky, audiences seem to hang on every sound, every note, every humorous anecdote, making it a different and entirely fulfilling experience. Performers and audience members build a sense of closeness that enhances the feeling of community and creates a deeper musical experience.

2019 Season: "Musical Adventures through the Time Machine"

The 2019 shows, in the ensemble’s 12th season, lead audiences through various eras to hear how music has evolved over time:

The Romantics, Feb. 9

  • Features the glorious music of the Romantic period with expressive and inventive compositions, expansive symphonies and passionate songs that take inspiration from art and literature.
  • Featuring works by Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Brahms, Saint-Saens and Dvorak, this concert is perfectly timed for you and your Valentine.

The Viennese Classics, March 23

  • Includes works by giants of the Classical era including Franz Josef Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Experience the musical period “obsessed with clarity, balance and form and the genius of three masters all working in Vienna.”

The Contemporaries, May 4

  • This is the National Chamber Ensemble’s exciting season finale of great music of our time with classical, pop and jazz works.
  • Hear the premiere of Alexander Goldstein’s new “Crossover Piano Trio.”
  • Music and dance unite as Bowen McCauley Dance performs to the music of Igor Stravinsky.
  • The “Suite Italienne” is based on scenes from the composer’s ballet “Pulcinella.”

Classical at Gunston Arts Center

Concerts are held in Gunston Arts Center's Theatre One, an acoustically excellent 420-seat venue that is (a bit unconventionally) located on the Gunston Middle School campus at 2700 S. Lang St., Arlington, VA 22206.

Learn more by visiting the National Chamber Ensemble website.

Author: Kathleen Murphy