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Arlington is the Natural Environment for Electric Vehicles

Are you heading to Arlington, and driving an electric vehicle (or are you considering shifting gears to an electric vehicle in the not too distant future)?

We know that the majority of EV charging happens at home or work. But where do you charge when those places aren’t an option? If you travel to Arlington and have an electric vehicle or are considering an EV, the number of places to charge continues to grow.  Below is a map that shows areas around town where you can charge your car. Click here to view the interactive map via PlugShare.

EV charging stations in Arlington

Arlington County is committed to electric vehicles as the future of transport.  Arlington is also striving to be carbon neutral by 2050, including using renewable electricity for the entire community by 2035. Click here to learn more about Arlington County's electric vehicle resources and Arlington County’s Community Energy Plan (CEP). In addition, Arlington is kicking off its 8th Solar and EV Charging bulk-purchasing co-op, click here for more information on this program (available to Arlington County residents.)

Depending on where and when you plan to visit, Arlington has electric vehicle charging stations in various locations. The apps below will steer you in the right direction to find these stations and get ready to explore Arlington!

Come visit Arlington - we hope it is an electrifying experience you won’t forget.

Author: Arlington County Department of Environmental Services