IMPACT Collective Hosts Curated Bus Tours for Event Planners

IMPACT Collective Hosts Curated Bus Tours for Event Planners

“Guest list? Check! Menu? Check! Location? Not a clue.” If you find yourself feeling this way whenever you have to plan an event, look no further because IMPACT Collective can help. IMPACT recently launched a new service: a curated bus tour. IMPACT’s new signature service brings prospective event clients and planners to experience different venues showcased as a private event function. Through its vast network in the hospitality industry, IMPACT guides serve as location scouts who bridge event planners with exclusive venues that fit within their vision, budget and style.

With one event vendor per category showcased at each venue, each vendor will have the opportunity to showcase their services to the event planners and their clients. Vendors also receive placement of their brochure in the gift bags received by attendees. This is the chance to build relationships with new vendors and venues. Sounds like a win, win, win, right?

To find out more as a venue, vendor, planner, or client, contact IMPACT at

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