Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

  • Metro: Clarendon

A chef-driven Italian restaurant specializing in New Haven style pizza, Pete's New Haven Style Apizza (pronounced ah-BEETS), is a locally owned eatery featuring daily chef’s choice pizza slices and soups using  locally available ingredients. Pete's orders beef and pork in whole cuts from local farms and grinds it themselves "so that the meat in every piece of sausage and every meatball on your pizza or in your pasta comes from a single humanely raised, hormone-free, local animal." Large blocks of mozzarella cheese come from a co-op of farms in Wisconsin, and Pete's staff shreds it in-house to avoid anti-coagulant agents in the cheese on a pizza. The restaurant also uses a fountain soda vendor that uses only all-natural cane sugar in its sodas, part of its commitment to health and sustainability.

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza  Map