Your Big Arlington Meetup Just Got Fun

Most of us grow up, find a career and settle in. But you can still open up and have fun. Playing can even make you more effective on the job.

Open up and have fun
Get together and keep it fun in Arlington.

Arlington has abundant teambuilding activities that will make fun, effective and memorable events for your next capital-area corporate meeting, family reunion or party.

Paint & Sip: ArtJamz in Crystal City lets you unleash your inner artist with social painting experiences. Creative enablers give you access to cool “weapons of mass creativity,” such as paints and brushes, along with “liquid inspiration” options and hors d’oeuvres.

Walk Like a President. President Theodore Roosevelt led diplomats and government officials on challenging hikes through the area’s “wild” lands. In Arlington, you can hike Theodore Roosevelt Island, a memorial to America’s 26th president, through ranger-led programs.

Laugh. Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse and O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub are hot spots for comedy shows. At O’Sullivan’s, the audience gets its chance to come on stage and tell a joke for a prize after the standup show featuring 10 local comedians.

Let Sparks Fly: TechShop in Crystal City is an open-access, Do-It-Yourself workshop and fabrication studio. Your team could design and create a one-of-a-kind sign of your company’s logo using waterjet cutting, laser technology and high-powered tools. A playground for creativity, TechShop lets anyone work on projects on large work tables while staff provide inspiration and support.

Chocolate Fix: Kingsbury Chocolates & Confections will come to you for a sweet teambuilding activity. With private classes in truffle-making and chocolate tasting, you can demystify how to make ganache and temper chocolate. Taste a variety of chocolates and confections while learning about the history of cocoa. You can also try “wine and chocolate pairing.”

Climb to New Heights: Earth Treks Crystal City Climbing Center, a climbing gym, offers indoor, outdoor and mountaineering programs as private courses. Participants get challenged physically and mentally, developing trust in their team members and confidence in themselves, according to Earth Treks which offers private climbing areas with a range of climbs suited for all ages and ability levels.

Do Some Good. Volunteer Arlington connects people, groups, nonprofits and businesses to promote volunteerism. Sign up for a project with a range of organizations and get inspired while you improve teamwork.

Punch It Up. Need to get your team punching a bag instead of each other? Try a high intensity activity that involves punches, kicks and body weight exercises such as those at Nova MMA or UFC Gym.

Park It. Your soccer or volleyball game can find a home, along with the company picnic or happy hour. Available for rent are public picnic shelters, meeting rooms and even historic Hendry House, a 19-acre park that includes a lush tree canopy, an open meadow, a partially preserved 1864 Civil War fort.

Author: Kathleen Murphy