Award-winning Synetic Theater Inspires Awe through Movement

Expressing classical texts and modern stories without words, Synetic gives audiences unforgettable visceral experiences through its stunning physicality.

Founded by artistic chief and director Paata Tsikurishvili in 2001, Synetic Theater in Arlington’s Crystal City neighborhood has earned 116 nominations for the Helen Hayes Award (the D.C. metro area’s highest theater honor) and 27 wins. But even Tsikurishvili says words cannot describe exactly what Synetic does: “You have to experience it!”

duo in synchronized dance at Synetic Theater

Metaphorical Storytelling

Tsikurishvili and his wife Irina moved to the United States from Georgia in the 1990s, bringing their unique creative perspective from the crossroads of eastern Europe and western Asia. Tsikurishvili said they merged American and Georgian metaphorical storytelling styles, explaining that “life forced us to be trained in that way” as artists working under a dictatorship.

“Our productions speak one language that everybody understands,” Tsikurishvili said. Experiencing a Synetic Theater show is more like an action-based movie, and psychologically “you become part of it.”

Trained in dance, theater and film, the Tsikurishvilis combine traditions of the Caucasus with distinctly American elements, resulting in an innovative blend of movement, music, technology and visual arts. Synetic’s inspired flights of imagination have included wordless productions such as:

  • “Hamlet”
  • “Romeo and Juliet”
  • “Twelfth Night”
  • and “The Adventures of Peter Pan.”

Each of these shows has capitalized on mesmerizing athleticism and physical ingenuity.

“I love twists. That’s how I thrive. I always find my twist. Audiences are not expecting it,” Tsikurishvili said.

Synetic Theater production of Don Quixote

Now Playing

You can immerse yourself in one of Synetic Theater’s high-voltage performances on a getaway to Arlington and the nation’s capital!

  • My Father’s Dragon” based on the Ruth Stiles Gannett children’s book of the same name, is showing at Synetic Theater through Jan. 6.

The 2019 season will include productions of:

Author: Kathleen Murphy

Synetic Theater

Premier American physical theater, fusing dynamic art forms such as text, drama, movement, acrobatics, dance and music.