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Top 6 Reasons to Hold Your Green Meeting in Arlington

Arlington is an excellent place to meet if going green is important to you.

Besides the “feel-good” factor of contributing to the sustainability of our environment, green meetings can result in cost savings, reduced waste and a positive view of the client’s organization, the hotel or meeting venue, and the host destination. Planners, clients’ organizations and attendees increasingly want to minimize their waste and reduce their carbon footprint while still having a meaningful and unique experience.

Here are good reasons to hold your green meeting in Arlington:

1. A Platinum LEED Community

Arlington was named the first-ever Platinum LEED community by the U.S. Green Building Council, which means it’s a leader in creating a sustainable urban environment with long-proven success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing stormwater, ensuring economic prosperity, and focusing on education, affordable housing, health and safety for all.

2. Going Car-Free is Easy

You can go car-free while staying at Arlington’s 38 hotels, getting around Arlington’s walkable neighborhoods on foot or via Capital Bikeshare. Use buses, taxis, or one of 11 Metro stations.

3. Green Lodging Options

Most Arlington hotels participate in the Virginia Green Lodging program and/or their hotel brand’s sustainability programs, ensuring things like optional linen service, recycling, water and energy conservations, green events, and more. 

4. Lots of Local Food

Many local restaurants (whether for group events or an attendee dine-around) use locally sourced food from nearby farmers and Arlington farmers markets.

5. Green Volunteer Opportunities

Local environmentally focused organizations can help arrange green volunteer activities. EcoAction Arlington offers a Green Home and Garden Tour, movie nights, and forums, for example. The Arlington Parks and Recreation Department invites the public to help with invasive plant cleanup.

6. Green Spaces & Parks

One of the best features of a meeting in Arlington is the environment itself, with beautiful green spaces for outdoor fun, miles of bike trails, and hiking paths with monumental views. Arlington's park system was recognized in 2020 as among the top four in America's 100 largest cities. There’s even an entire island honoring America’s greatest conservationist, Theodore Roosevelt Island.

You, your client, and attendees can feel great about holding your green event or meeting in Arlington. Learn more about planning your event with us today! 

Author: StayArlington